Zedi Smart-Field™

Autonomous artificial lift system for oil and gas production

Autonomous VERYSmall Way beyond conventional optimization tools

Zedi Smart-Field™ fully supports the autonomous optimization capabilities to resolve several common rod pumping issues like stuck open, standing, or traveling valves, pumped off condition and gas lock.

By automating issue identification and pumping parameter adjustments, the time to address these common problems is significantly reduced, ensuring your well is always pumping in the most efficient manner possible.

This functionality can easily be included on select rod pumping unit deployments, but it can also be added to existing systems by simply upgrading controller firmware load and configuration changes on Zedi Access. The functionality is fully supported on both AC and gas driven systems, and can be easily customized per location, as we understand each well is very unique.


Autonomous VERYSmall Example of the difference

User Initiated Conventional Optimization


Remote data collection every 15 to 60 minutes


Use Zedi Access tools to remotely analyze performance

Long term trending, pump cards, alarm history, etc.

Decide on changes


Use Zedi Access to remotely change pumping parameters

No site visit, no mechanical changes, no downtime


Repeat, with optimization resolutions taking up to 30-45 minutes


Autonomous Optimization

Measure • Analyze • Optimize • Test

System identifies issue

System autonomously makes real-time changes to pumping parameters

No user intervention required

Currently available for:

•  Pumped off condition

•  Standing valve stuck open

•  Traveling valve stuck open

•  Gas lock


Autonomous VERYSmall Artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled

Powered with artificial intelligence and machine learning into true autonomous production. After your production is up and running, it quickly 'learns' all the ins and outs of how you prefer to fix any situation, and quickly resolves problems exactly the way you would.

Autonomous VERYSmall Continuous Platform Enhancements

We define our industrial quality remote monitoring and control platform at consumer prices by ensuring our customers always have the most advanced SCADA solution.  Our accomplished team of engineers, developers, and IIoT experts drive our innovative platform enhancements to give you leading-edge data to promote your production, profits and sustainability to new heights.


Autonomous VERYSmall Truly End-to-End Integrated Solutions

Gain stronger return when you work with Zedi to provide you with the exact solutions you need to increase your production. We offer solutions to your largest challenges in your quest to achieve your production potential.  We offer the best Software, Automation and cloud SCADA solutions you demand in today's market.


Autonomous VERYSmall SaaS (Software as a Service)

The Zedi team of Software Solutions developers diligently bring the industry leading advancements to your production to fully support your strongest return.  The ease of our SaaS cloud-based platform seamlessly delivers the most current user-friendly data to the hands of your team for real-time, accurate decision making production gains.


Autonomous VERYSmall 24/7 Support

Our Customer Care team is 'always on' with 24 hours a day, seven days a week service for your easy accessibility to the answers you need, whenever you need them.  



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