Creating the Customer Experience

Posted by Rudolph Nemai on Aug 29, 2016 11:40:59 AM

 Behind the scenes at Customer Care


Our customers depend on fast, and accurate answers.  Which is why Zedi takes Customer Care very seriously with extreamly high expectations of every Zedi team member. 

This is why we provide deep training and offer exceptional rewards to our team.  We want our customers to get the very best care and answers availble, in a timely manner.  Our approach to quality is placing our focus on our customers.  We make every effort to understand their needs, meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.  Our goal is to delight every customer with our solutions, and our services. 

Customer Care is divided into four groups

1. The Automation Engineering Solutions Team – primarily supports Silver Jack, SCADA, Field Gateway and devices with remote terminal units.

2. The Frontline Team – supports Smart Alek related items, user administration and general support. This team is the first to receive calls and most categories of emails.

3. The Applications Team – supports more advanced inquiries for our software products including VitalRoughneck, Data Exchange services and Zedi Composition Management.

4. The Zedi Control Center  – Provides alarm monitoring and lone worker support services for our customers.

Training and Development 

New employees go through six weeks of blended learning including:

  • Exposure to equipment
  • Instructor led sessions
  • Job shadowing

Zedi provides agents with:

  • Online Zedi University courses
  • Skill enhancement training
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Time management skills 
  • A comprehensive Leadership Development Program - Utilizing neuroscientific and psychological approaches

Many employees throughout Zedi started in customer care as it is one of the best departments to build a strong foundation for a career here. Many have post secondary education prior to joining the team as well as knowledge and displayed technical aptitude from past experience. Overall the unit is close knit and there is a strong sense of comradery where the word family gets used a lot. A personal, sociological approach is applied to ensure we understand each other and appreciate what factors may motivate individuals. We also try to overcome challenges where necessary remaining respectful, courteous and professional.

 A continuous and active learning environment builds team sophistication and performance which leads to greater overall efficiency and in turn an enhances customer experience. 

Quality Assurance

We do not take performance for granted and once per quarter we undertake live call scoring exercises with each analyst to ensure quality standards are met and coaching applied where required. We actively undertake process review discussions with the team to ensure processes are relevant, up to date, accurate and efficient. This also leads to a sense of ownership with the team. We constantly monitor our metrics to stay within our service level agreements (SLA). Our team is very motivated to ensure our service levels for answering calls are adhered to and they constantly inquire about our key performance indicators (KPI).


Since we spend a significant portion of our lives with the people we work with, much effort is devoted to making the work environment a dynamic, exciting place with a fun atmosphere. A versatile rewards program produces several winners every month where winners are awarded with time off, gift cards or lunch with our Chief Operating Officer.  A relaxed approach can net discussions on dating advice as well as how to do a software upgrade. We engage in many team activities one huge undertaking was the hosting of a Customer Care Open House that provided many Zedi employees with an insight into all the operations involved. 

 A lot therefore, goes into creating an impressive customer experience as we truly value how important it is to provide you with the best, most reliable support we can. We want to show you how much we appreciate your business and how important you are to us. I have seen agents go above and beyond to ensure we provide as much support as possible.

We relish your feedback whether it is by surveys or voluntarily provided. We encourage you to help us help you. Please feel free to let us know how we are doing and what we can do to improve our service.

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