Free up your precious time by using automation in analysis management software

Posted by Isabel Valoria Rao, P.Eng. on Apr 12, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Are you still receiving your analyses from the lab in your inbox, saving each analysis in your computer or filing cabinet, reviewing each component, and then entering each component into the meter on Zedi Access?  Or worse, sending someone to site to update the meter with its new analysis in-person?  If this sounds all too familiar, never fear – Zedi Composition Management (ZCM) is here!  Let me show you a few ways how ZCM, Zedi’s analysis management software, can make your life easier.

What I love about ZCM is that it's automated!  Once an analysis is published by the lab, ZCM securely stores it in the cloud, immediately validates each component based on the sample point’s historical analyses and sends you an email notification to let you know that the analysis is ready for your approval.  We have a bulk approval function that allows you to approve a large number of analyses all at once.   

If you really want our automation to take over, enable the auto-approval function to allow ZCM to use the validation criteria that you set and approve analyses for you.  If that sample point is connected to an electronic flow meter (EFM) or Zedi TrueChart meter on Zedi Access, this means that you can immediately update that meter with a new analysis as soon as you receive it from the lab.  This automated process alone would significantly increase efficiencies in your sampling programs and allow you to focus on your core business.

If you want to be even more hands-off, we also provide an Analysis Management Service.  For a low fee, we take care of your sampling program for you.  This significantly reduces your time in the day-to-day analysis management tasks and allows you to focus your efforts on the more important things. Of course, we'll keep in touch regarding your sampling programs, for example you would inform us of any program changes or we would reach out to you for direction on a specific issue. 

We would do almost everything else for you including setting up new wells and sample points, maintaining validation criteria, approving analyses, updating the operations hierarchy in the event of corporate reorganization and working directly with labs to verify data or address issues.  This service is backed with the expertise and knowledge of our Zedi Lab Solutions team.

The bottom line is that our automated technology with the help our management service truly provides you with confidence in your data and time to focus on the responsibilities of your core business.

I can almost see those worry lines disappearing from your face as you read this. Who needs a facial or fillers? Let Zedi Composition Management take years off your face and add years to your life! (Okay, this statement has not been evaluated by any health organization, but you get the point…)


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