Now you see it: Visual monitoring adds depth to Zedi’s remote monitoring

Posted by Richard Link on Jul 30, 2018 10:30:00 AM

It’s incredible how many advances we’ve seen in remote monitoring, control and data analysis in the last five years. Through Zedi Access you can “see” so many issues right from your computer or smart device via Zedi Go: Is my unit running? What’s the line pressure? Is the tank filling up? Techs and pumpers are already logging much less drive time, the equipment is logging lots more “up” time and the accountants are pushing that bottom line lower and lower.

And yet—it still would be nice to actually see what’s happening out there. If this were connected with the existing Access system, it’s just a reasonable incremental cost, not a whole new system to install, learn, log into and keep up with.

So we found a way to simply add visuals to Zedi Access, and it’s already apparent how much help it is.

Sometimes when a sensor-driven alarm sounds you know pretty much what the issue is—the pumpjack has stopped, or it’s still running but the tank isn’t filling, or some other important but limited data. With the additional of visual monitoring, you can see the problem. With visuals, you can send the right team with the right tools the first time. This could eliminate a need for a second truck roll or a follow up call to the Environmental team because you couldn’t “see” a leak when you sent out the first wave. Respond appropriately the first time!

Visual Monitoring

What kind of pictures do you need? Well, that’s up to you. It can be set to capture a view a few times a day, every hour or at a trigger event—the motion of a truck, a technician or an unwelcome critter. That, in turn, can send an alert to appropriate personnel who can decide if they need to turn on real-time video for more information, or if it’s just the technician who was dispatched for a known issue. 

Maybe you’ve looked at site video in past years and felt it took too much bandwidth or was too expensive. Those issues have been solved by new compression algorithms and more cost-effective equipment. Also, our communication network is already prepared for video, so it fits seamlessly there as well as with Zedi Access.

The really exciting part is that, as great as this is, it’s only the beginning. In the next months and years, we’re looking at license plate recognition, equipment recognition (remote inventory?) and even motion recognition (a worker falls within the view of a camera), emission tracking and many other use cases.

We’re listening to what our clients need and we already have some further advancements in development. We’ll let you know as our system sees more, and gives you an even clearer picture of your sites.

But we can already help you a whole lot today!


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