SilverJack’s small footprint makes it the perfect solution in multipad sites and other tight places

Posted by Bryan Klassen on Sep 6, 2017 11:00:00 AM

You may have seen pictures of Wichita Falls and Burkburnett oilfields in the 1920s—with oil derricks crammed in next to each other and towering over houses and businesses in a sort of manmade forest.

 oil derricks.jpg

Ah, yes, the good old days.

Thanks to the wisdom of the regulatory agencies in various states, we’ve happily gotten away from that scenario today. But with the rise of multipad drilling and with oil wells and residences colliding in many basins, we’re definitely seeing a need for more compact pumping units—and for ways to mitigate the noise.

Here at Zedi, we’re pretty excited about our SilverJack hydraulic pumping system. The SJ 6000’s power pack fits snugly into a 5’x7’ building, making it much more compact than traditional pumpjacks. Operators can easily fit as many of these as they need on a multipad site without sacrificing any production. In fact, the SilverJacks’ ease of adjustment makes it ideal for shale wells with a steep initial production decline.

Its compact design also makes it really good for residential areas because it’s easy to build sound barriers around this small space.

We recently had a situation where a landowner’s home was located just 150 feet from a pump jack. He and his family got out of bed bleary-eyed and exhausted every morning because the constant noise of the gas-powered unit robbed them of sleep.

The producer asked us to replace the pump jack with one of our SilverJack 6000 units to try to mitigate the sound and get the landowner’s family some rest. While the unit itself isn’t any quieter, as I said, it’s easier to baffle, which we did there with—are you ready—some hay bales. We also installed a quieter muffler.

Those folks are sleeping soundly now, and, well, so is the operator—because they’ve made a landowner happy with a relatively simple solution that maintained their production rate.

The SilverJack also has advantages in wells that have issues with sand buildup in the pump, gas locking or standing and traveling valve issues—among others.

Unfortunately, its small footprint means there are no romantic photos of crowded SilverJacks standing majestically against the evening sky. In fact, you hardly know it’s there when you drive by.

Which, if you live nearby, is the best view of all.

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