The Strength of a Promise

Posted by Amy Thibault on Jun 10, 2016 12:42:22 PM

When I first heard the name Zedi I immediately thought of Jedi, Star Wars and those awesome shinning lightsabers.  Born a Gen X, 80’s child, this defiantly raised my curiosity.  I had no idea what Zedi did, and didn’t have the slightest clue who, or what they were as a company.  I read about their innovative technology, easy-to-read data, reliable and accurate field and consulting services and creative solutions they offer to oil and gas companies.  

I wondered if there was a Luke Skywalker in the picture.

I read about their values; which really intrigued me.  You don’t see many companies spelling out their values for the whole world to see.  In recent history, there has become a distinct disconnect with many companies to be so polished on the exterior that things like values aren’t something they talk about or make a priority.  I really admired that a company could have such strong values, and even more so that they would make them so public for the world to see.

Then I found a page with a promise.  Why would a company make a promise?  What did that mean?


I quickly realized this was way more than a promise; it was a commitment to their customers.  A commitment to let them know they had their back in these difficult times.  This was a time when oil producers were trying to figure out how to make ends meet.  They were trying to avoid laying people off, and making hard decisions to either make their truck payment, or pay health insurance.  It was not an easy time for anyone, but especially oil producers.  I’d never heard of a company willing to make a promise to their customers.  That’s when it struck me from odd, to something truly rare.  It was the deep confidence in the message and strong, bold commitment to their customers.

I thought it was downright amazing, and actually uplifting.

In a time when some people and companies would just as soon kick you in the teeth to make a buck or two up front, here was a company with standards, values and even a PROMISE! 

To me, a promise is seriously a big deal.  It means integrity, character, strength and commitment.  A promise is not something to be taken lightly or just handed out in conversation.  A promise is something of great value and anyone stating a promise had better be ready to stand up for it.

Now that I’ve worked with the Zedi team, I totally get the promise, values and standards.  I’m super proud to be a part of such an amazing group of people.  The creativity in the solutions we provide our customers is second to none.  Each and every person on our team is truly dedicated to helping our customers solve their operational problems; helping them become more profitable to easily pay their bills, helping them have fewer sleepless nights worrying about how to balance the current economic temperature to become more sustainable for the futures of their families, and all the families that depend on them.

Every single person on the Zedi team is actually a Luke Skywalker (in their own way).

No, we don’t have lightsabers (although I think it would be an amazing employee benefit and will certainly be making that suggestion), but we do have some of the sharpest minds, committed work ethics and hardest working people in the industry to ensure we have long standing, successful customers. 

We promise, we’ve got your back!


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