The Value of Alarm Notifications for Remote Detection of Common Rod Pumping Issues

Posted by Igor Shulyatikov on Sep 28, 2016 11:02:14 AM

The powerful combination of Zedi SilverJack Artificial Lift System and Zedi Access web-based data collection/management/control system gives you full control of the rod pumping system and allows you to detect most rod pumping issues almost immediately. You can significantly reduce shut in times, decrease production losses and save money and time by utilizing Zedi SilverJack’s alarms notifications.

The following alarms notifications are available to customers via Zedi Access main display, email, text message and/or automated voice phone call to help you quickly fix rod pumping problems:

  1. Shutdown alarms (pump/motor),
  2. Shutdown reasons (due to well operation abnormalities or surface equipment problems),
  3. Well operation parameters (rod loads, pump fill, tubing/casing/compressor pressures and others),
  4. Zedi SilverJack equipment parameter abnormalities (abnormal hydraulic temperature, pressure and others).
Based on these alarms, parties responsible for a well operation can make fast decisions and take immediate action to:
  • Restart a pump remotely,
  • Fix downhole issues remotely (such as gas lock, stuck open travelling valve and others),
  • Shut down the well to prevent possible issues (waxing, sanding issues, stuck downhole pump and others) and initiate chemical or other treatment,
  • Bring (or order) needed spare parts and go to the location without wasting time for a diagnostic trip,
  • Change pumping parameters or Pump Efficiency Optimizer parameters remotely (Zedi SilverJack’s automated production optimization function).

The default data exchange frequency between a Zedi SilverJack and Zedi Access is 15 min. When any parameter exceeds settings in Zedi Access it creates an alarm notification and sends it to all needed parties. As a result it takes 1-15 minutes maximum to notify you when something happens unexpectedly.

In my next articles, I will review how we can detect and fix some of downhole issues.

In the meantime, read about the additional benefits of combining the unique capabilities of a linear hydraulic pump-jack with sophisticated optimization control and remote access in our white paper, New Era of Oil Wells and Rod Pumping Innovations.  

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