Zedi Labs can tell you exactly what your LNG is made of

Posted by Heidi Fabrizius on Sep 27, 2018 9:15:40 AM

According to the EIA, the US is the third leading exporter of LNG in the world. Right behind Qatar and Australia. Experts think we’re just getting started… As these exports have started to ramp up since Congress allowed them in 2016, we realized that LNG needs to be tested for content just like produced natural gas or produced oil do.

It’s important to know purity for one thing. Most contracts specify allowed amounts of free riders like butane, hexane, condensates—and contaminants such as sulfur. Just like at inland facilities, the transfer point is where buyers and sellers need to know the content. For LNG it’s between ship and shore.

Our tightly calibrated gas chromatographs also test for C1 to C31, BTEX, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and…well, you get the picture. We test it all under the strictest controls and standards. Our LNG gas chromatograph carefully heats the product back to a gaseous state, to the accepted standard temperature, to make sure all the proportions are properly measured.

From what we’ve seen, pretty much nobody else meets our standards of quality control, no matter what they’re charging.LabServicesLNG_2

We’ve got fully equipped labs in Lafayette, Louisiana and at Victoria, Texas—two major LNG shipping points. And as demand leads us, we’ll create and staff mobile GC units to provide LNG testing wherever it’s needed.

Zedi got our start in LNG testing when a client contracted with us to build, equip, staff and train the entire lab at one of their LNG export facilities.

It was a natural for us because we’ve basically been designing, building, equipping, staffing and training our own labs at the pace of one a year.

It’s gratifying to see how much this longtime client trusts us.

Our software department deserves a lot of credit for this next part. All this data is collected, stored and ready for you in Zedi Composition Management. Which provides all your testing data from the lab.

Stored securely on the cloud, all that information awaits your viewing, analysis and reporting. From wherever you are.

It compares new information with the last two reporting periods and alerts you if the new readings are too different from the last ones. If you’re already on top of the situation you can accept the outliers (maybe you had a change in your production process and you expected a change in quality). Or you can use the alarm as an opportunity for further investigation.

I’m really excited about this new opportunity for us to help companies in a farily new sector—LNG exports. It’s one of my favorite things about Zedi—we’re never satisfied to stop with yesterday’s achievements.

As fast as things move today, we’re not just keeping up—we’re part of the change in field technology and in software.

I can’t wait to see where that takes us—tomorrow!! Why don’t you come with us?

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