Zedi Measures Up on Meter Calibration and Testing

Posted by Gary Edwards on Oct 25, 2017 10:36:34 AM

In the Oil Patch there are several measures of success, but the most black-and-white for natural gas may be at the sales meter. This is where you sell your hard-won gas production into The System. The amount of flow and its richness—C1-C10 content—translates directly into income.

Boy, are those important numbers! They’d better be as accurate as possible, for the sake of both the seller and the buyer.

It’s why we’ve harnessed the expertise of more than 100 meter technicians across America, whose only goal every day is to make sure transfer-point meters are working right and collecting data.

Our people can test, calibrate, install or trade out meters as you need. Or they can provide third-party witness of your staff or someone else doing the calibration, and provide the necessary reports.

While they’re on your well site they can collect samples. Onshore, they can provide some test results onsite, such as C1-C10, BTEX, H2S, water and hydrocarbon dew points and O2, N2 and CO2.

Tests that must be done in the lab are conducted by experience experts in the field—many with PhDs. You can bank on their accuracy.

Because our people also understand the basics of pipeline operation and maintenance, they’re keenly attuned to what needs to be done at the meter site.

Plus—and this is really key for lots of our clients—they can connect you with our remote monitoring and control options. Zedi Access, Zedi Go (the mobile app) and others collect and manage data on the cloud so you and your staff can see graphs and charts any time, anywhere.

One thing I really like about working for Zedi is that we can help customers in so many great ways. When your people come up to ours and ask, “While you’re here, can you…?” We can most often get someone who can indeed do what you need.

I grew up in the Oil Patch, as did many of our technicians. There are so many great people in this business! When you’re around good people, they influence you to be the best you can be.

That’s our company culture at Zedi. Every one of our techs will do whatever it takes to get your meter and gas testing done efficiently and accurately.

Lots of our clients simply tell us which tests and how often, and they trust us to do the tests and turn in the results—it’s one less thing they have to keep up with.

We do measure our success one meter, one test, one client at a time. We build the big picture out of thousands of tiny pixels of light, involving every test for every customer every day.

You might say we want to lighten your load.

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