Customer Stories



Canadian select pricing had greatly affected a production company in Alberta. Along with price crunching, they had growing concerns about their lack of security for their data, and desire for stronger mobility for their team. The producer determined that the costs to host their own internal SCADA had impacted the overhead, increased system expenses and man hours and topped every price increase off with the cost of lack of security.  


After looking at all angles of what the customer needed for data, security, and mobility for access to their data, Zedi quickly and efficiently migrated their SCADA system to a more fiscally responsible, updated and secure platform. Once the producer decided they could better focus on production over trying to maintain costs of internal SCADA  with limited funds, it was a win-win solution. 


Using Zedi’s platform for SCADA, our customer instantly increased production through optimization, became more profitable and confident with the security Zedi could provide while they focus stronger on their core business. Using Zedi Go their team gained access to their production data instantly on their mobile phones.




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