Customer Stories



A company was considering building their own internal lab, and Zedi responded to a proposal request for consultation about potential custom lab services. The company was looking for support and expertise on how to begin a project of this scale to fit their growth, but was unsure where to begin.


The potential customer was open to other solutions, and Zedi was able to provide a cost-effective option. Due to the high volume of the lab work needed, Zedi recommended a solution to build and staff the lab for the customer. Our lab expert’s handled every detail of the lab set up, from purchasing and set up of equipment, to staffing and training those who would be operating the new lab.   


With Zedi’s strong background in lab and instrument set-up, initialization and operation, we created a custom solution for our customer. This new solution created was able to solve the customers issue by choosing a cost efficient, and expertly operated lab that has exceeded all their expectations, within time constraints and budget. 

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