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A Calgary-based intermediate oil and natural gas company focused on light oil development and exploration in western Canada was looking for a custom Artificial Lift solution to meet their specific needs. They required a creative approach to having multiple wells in a condensed area to minimize impact on the lease owners.


By currently having Zedi SilverJacks in their fields, the customer was familiar with the custom capabilities of the technology. Zedi’s team came up with a creative and low cost solution to allow for multiple wells to be operating on one pad. This solution also incorporated the customer’s needs of low noise and a small visual impact, to ensure positive relations with their lease and land owners.


Zedi was able to meet their customer’s specific needs by creating a custom solution for their wells. This low-cost Artificial Lift solution provides optimization with the combination of Zedi’s SilverJack, and software and platform technology with Zedi Access. There have been excellent results in the current set up and they will continue to look at additional Zedi products and services.

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