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Gas chart reading with best customer service

Crystal clear, high resolution scans produced with Zedi technology

Highest amount of detail to empower you and your decision-making.  Chart integration services include estimates, prorated volumes, and reports explaining downtime and metering problems.

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We don't merely process your charts; we analyze them to verify the data for potential errors, in an effort to reduce the amount of re-work you have to do.  We also assign dedicated customer service representatives to each account, who provide personalized service to your organization to help you meet your deadlines and requirements.

  • Accurate, highest resolution scanning and lossless compression
  • Proven technology to adjust for pen lags and arcs on the most difficult plunger lift charts
  • Dedicated customer service representative to help you meet your deadlines and requirements
  • Wide variety of monthly reporting options
  • Easily integrate with field data capture applications
  • Easily view reports, charts, meter info and historical data - Anytime, anywhere with Zedi Access



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