Edited Gas Volume Statements

Accurate edited gas volume statements


Edited gas volumes statements your way, your time frame

We realize you're busy, and you still want your gas volume statements edited, corrected, and on time. Our team analyzes the data into reputable, and accurate data to protect your profits. We thoroughly go through and edit your data with correct information from our findings, then compare to previous months volumes for comparison. This creates an edited volume statement for your EFM that provides the integrity needed for any audit, and piece of mind for your pocket.


Experience matters

  • Our experienced team will keep you on time
  • We find any missing data
  • We check for anomalies in normal flow patterns (freezing, pipeline leaks, and more)
  • Check for meter shut-ins, meter manifold service, no flow and clogs
  • Review for liquids in the meter that send false readings
  • Investigate erratic DP or static readings
  • Quality check before any commissioning


Inspection Reports

  • Verify all meter data from the inspection report
  • Meter tube size
  • Orifice plate size
  • Differential pressure range
  • Static temperature change and range
  • Temperature range
  • Contract hour
  • Calculation method
  • Contract pressure base
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Tap location upstream or downstream
  • Tap type flange or pipe


Flexible to fit your needs

  • Files: efm/hst/sdf to cfx files for Flow Cal
  • Available for Total Flow meters in Winccu, Flow-Boss and Thermo Scientific-Auto Pilot Meters
  • Time sensitive to your needs


Backed by technology

  • Data available on Zedi Access
  • Increase your team mobility
  • Data from your smartphone while on Zedi Go

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