Charts and Recorder Equipment

Chart recorder equipment

Barton Mechanical Orifice Meter Recorder

Model 202E Flow Recorder

The ITT Barton Model 202E is a compact and rugged instrument that accurately measures and records differential and static pressure and temperature on a standard 12" round chart.

This model is used extensively in the gas industry because of its overrange protection and its immunity to condensation problems. It has won wide recognition in the gas transmission and distribution fields due to its outstanding ability to maintain accurate calibration when subjected to extreme variations in static pressure and ambient temperature.

Circular Charts

Smooth Chart Paper

The charts we offer are super calendered for low friction coefficient. This will give pens an easy ride over the chart surface, resulting in sharp, clear lines without feathering or bleeding at the edges.

We have a wide variety of chart styles and sizes. Special orders may vary in price from those displayed in the order. You will be contacted regarding any changes in pricing before being charged.

Chart Envelopes

The chart envelopes are self-addressed with a postage-paid option for the convenience of our customers. Our customers won't need to search for an address or worry about postage if they have these envelopes on hand.

Sonceboz Chart Drive

The Premium Chart Drive

These chart drives are CSA certified, freezer tested to -40°F, UL approved, and covered by a Sonceboz two year warranty.

Rotating Speeds Test: 60 MIN 96 MIN

Standard: 12HR 1D 2D 7D 8D 14D 16D 31D 32D

Inking Pens - Graphic Series 72 and 79 Fine Line and Scannable Pens

Series 72 and 79 Fine Line Pens for integrators offer performance advantages to gas industry companies that process their charts manually.

Series 72 and 79 Scannable Pens are designed to produce consistently clean, scannable charts.

Inking Pens - Graphic Series 77 Disposable Pen

To fit Barton & American Meter Recorders with automatic chart changers. These pens allow easy field retrofit to the convenience and reliability of disposable pens.

Inking Pens - Graphic Series 85 Integrator Pens

Series 85 Integrator Pens eliminate the time-consuming and messy chores of filling and cleaning your integrator's tracing pens by replacing bottles of ink with a clean, reliable disposable pen.


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