Zedi’s IIoT Platform Surpasses 1.25 million Sensors

Posted by Zedi News on Feb 15, 2017 4:08:54 PM

Calgary, AB – (February 15, 2017) – Zedi Inc. (www.zedisolutions.com) is pleased to announce that in the first week of February, its Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform surpassed 1.25 million sensors monitored, with exceptionally strong growth through the last quarter of 2016, and the first 5 weeks of 2017.

Net sensor adds through Q4 and into early 2017 topped 175,000, bringing the total number of sensors being monitored to 1.268 million as of this Press Release.  This combined fleet generates almost 47 million readings per day.

“Zedi has architected a scalable, secure, high-performance platform serving the monitoring needs of hundreds of customers in the Oil & Gas industry in over 20 countries”, said James Freeman, Zedi’s Chief Technology Officer.  “Our platform interfaces to countless different devices from a variety of third parties, giving our customers opportunities to make visible data from controllers, RTUs, and other instrumentation in the field.  As well, with our new LoRa Low-Power Wide-Area Network (LPWAN) options at the edge of the network, we predict a massive increase in the size of our fleet, and applicability across other industries as well.  We are actively pursuing these growth opportunities.”

Zedi’s IoT platform integrates to sensors with wired or wireless LoRa options, provides HSPA wireless backhaul into the cloud, and offers a variety of desktop or mobile solutions for viewing data and analytics via Zedi AccessTM, our flagship applications suite.

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At Zedi, our core technology business is about managing data, adding value to it, and generating insights for our customers to make better business decisions and realize the potential of their producing assets. Our 60 years of continuous operations in North America and recognition as one of the industry's best workplaces, sets us apart in the production operations landscape. With our unique combination of award-winning automation, data management, and field and professional services, we offer solutions to our customers' challenges and help them realize their production potential.

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