Measurement Solutions

Shell Certified Offshore Measurement

Shell Certified offshore measurement in the Gulf of Mexico provide you complete oil and gas measurement, loaded with safety and backed by Zedi Technology

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  • Coriolis meter calibration
  • EFM (Electronic Flow Meter) data collection
  • RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) data collection
  • Meter installation, maintenance and repair
  • Electronic meter installation, calibration and maintenance
  • Chart recorder calibration and maintenance
  • Liquid meter calibration and maintenance
  • Procuring gas and liquid samples and laboratory analysis
  • Telecommunications installations and maintenance both cellular and satellite
  • AVO/0000 site inspections

  • M-22 flare emissions inspection

  • H2S and vapor phase testing
  • Mobile TVP (True vapor pressure) testing on liquid hydrocarbons

  • Flare data logger downloads

  • Third party witnessing
  • Field discrepancy & balance
  • Mobile hydrocarbon sampling
  • Mobile true vapor pressure testing


Trust Matters

Fully inspected equipment & Shell certified

Upstream or downstream, collecting samples, performing scheduled calibrations, or collecting electronic data from local RTUs, we ensure smoother operations by identifying potential errors and protecting your data.

  • Save on labor costs
  • Timely measurement of data
  • Complete nationwide team



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