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Oil and gas Measurement Operations

 60 years of excellence

Decades of field experience, knowledge of local challenges in production operations, maintenance with top notch, on-site Lab Services.  Rigid standards with proven methods combined with fully inspected equipment, and an expertly trained, safety-certified team.  Speed and accurate measurement give you laser focused abilities to bring your profit margins higher.

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  • Coriolis meter calibration
  • Meter run manufacturing, installation and maintenance
  • Electronic meter installation calibration and maintenance
  • Chart recorder calibration and maintenance
  • Liquid meter calibration and maintenance
  • Taking gas and liquid samples and laboratory analysis
  • Telecommunications installations and maintenance both cellular and satellite
  • Installation and maintenance of Zedi Silverjack PumpJacks

Fully inspected equipment & safety-certified team

Upstream or downstream, collecting samples, performing scheduled calibrations, or collecting electronic data from local RTUs, we ensure smoother operations by identifying potential errors and protecting your data.

Measurement you need, from the service you trust

  • Save on labor costs
  • Timely measurement of data
  • Complete nationwide needs


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