Meter Proving

Oil and gas meter proving


  • Industry leader in Coriolis proving
  • Turbine meters, gas and liquid
  • Positive displacement meters, gas and liquid

We can prove, validate, and calibrate your meters to ensure optimal measurement, backed by technology

We prove in our controlled, indoor environment.  Consistent, replicable temperatures month over month, removing outside conditions from the testing variables.  Over two decades of operations, our facilities and trained technicians have set the industry standard for proving results.

Liquid Proving

  • 3/8"-6" Turbine Meters
  • 2" - 4" PD Meters
  • Flowrate from 3 GPM-550 GPM
  • 10 BPD - 18850 BPD
  • 42 Gravity at 60


Gas Proving

  • 1" - 4" Turbines & PD Meters
  • 200 ACFH - 10,000 ACFH


When the economics and dynamics of a well don't allow for meter swap outs, our measurement technicians provide onsite meter proving and validation for various oil and gas meters.

  • Fully proved meters tested at the wellhead
  • Complete wellhead services
  • Best in class service, backed by technology