Flash Liberation Studies

Flash Liberation

Know your emissions without any estimating, simulating, or guessing

Our flash liberation system conditions the sample to match the field conditions it was collected from.  The product is then introduced to a flash equilibrium separator where the gas and liquid volumes are physically measured. The same process can be used to test flash emissions from produced water samples.

Our Flash Liberation Studies will provide you with the following:

  • Gas Oil Ratio
  • Flash Factor
  • Site Specific Emissions Factor
  • Separator Volume Factor
  • Shrinkage Recovery Factor
  • Stock Tank Oil API Gravity
  • Stock Tank Reid Vapor Pressure
  • C11+ Gas Analysis
  • Gas Water Ratio (Water)

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Flash Liberation data is accepted by most regulatory agencies as an acceptable means for permitting flash gas from onshore storage tanks. Recent comparisons of flash liberation data to computer simulated data suggests flash liberation data can be far more consistent and reliable than the same data generated by traditional means (Model simulation, GPA 2103).  Most flash liberation analyses are reproducible within 1%. When you choose flash liberation you gain the confidence knowing that you are receiving the most accurate emission data available today.

Common applications of flash liberation data include:

  • Emission permitting
  • Measurement and allocation
  • Volume corrections
  • Environmental Health and Safety
  • Equipment sizing
  • Engineering