Gas Measurement

meter calibration



On-Site Natural Gas Testing Options


  • C1 to C10, BTEX
  • Hydrogen Sulfide H2S (1 ppm to mol %)
  • Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide
  • Water Dew Point
  • Hydrocarbon Dew Point (calculated)


Laboratory Gas Testing Options


  • C1 to C31, BTEX
  • Hydrogen Sulfide H2S
  • Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Carbon Dioxide
  • Hydrocarbon Dew Point (calculated)


Audited Testing

Our on-site gas testing provides results in minutes that can be e-mailed directly to you from the field.  You can trust our gas test results as our natural gas testing services are audited annually.


Electronic Reporting & Scheduling

All reports are electronic and are formatted to your specifications.  Zedi software keeps track of what work has been done at each location and schedules all future work based on your required calibration/testing frequency.



Zedi is a trusted source for witnessing.  Without interfering in other technician’s work, we carefully document that each step in the calibration and inspection process has been done correctly.



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