Rod Pump Monitoring and Control ZAaaS

Rod pump monitoring and control with Automation as a Service ZAaaS for oil and gas production


Rod pump Automation as a service for oil and gas productionCommon ProblemsAutomation as a service for rod pump oil and gas production

• Paraffin buildup
• Loading & balancing
• Over pumping
• Under pumping
• Gas lock/interference
• Sticking/stuck pumps


Automation as a service for oil and gas productionSolutions

• Operational status
• Dynacards (surface/downhole)
    • Reference
    • Historical
    • Current
• Cry-out alarms
• Automated set-points
• Reporting & trending


Increase safety, reduce site visits, increase productivity and reduce downtime with the trusted Zedi team of optimization experts to solve your problems, or use the application as a self-serve model.

Production automation is solidly part of everything we do at Zedi, and is now available as a service to make it easier for you to explore the automation options for your needs, and then get up and running fast and accurately with our best practice pieces all ready to install in weeks - not months, or worse yet years!


Automation as a Service ZAaaS fast to get into the field  Fast - Automation that’s up and running in weeks, not months – or years!

•  Production Automation solutions ready to install now

•  Easily explore Automation options, and then quickly do


Automation as a Service ZAaaS best practice  Pre-packaged combined best practice automation

•  Tested, financially efficient and fully supported hardware

•  Set pricing structure

•  Ready to install (our team or yours)

•  Easily serviced whenever needed (our team or yours)


Automation as a Service ZAaaS Easy  Easy to get your automation up and running

•  Engineered for ease, accuracy and speed

•  It's a 'non-event' as it doesn't need the attention of your internal team


Accelerated automation for oil and gas producers throughout the world is Zedi Automation as a Service (ZAaaS) that provides an “Explore. Do” theory to what historically takes producers weeks, months or even years to attain.


ZAaaS provides proven best practice automation hardware at the well site and the Zedi software platform that effortlessly integrates data from any source to quickly and accurately deliver better business decision abilities, all backed by expert service from every angle (installation, updates, maintenance, and replacements).


ZAaaS is now also available for:

Tank Monitoring

Video Surveillance


Coming soon...

•  Gas and liquid measurement

•  ESP

•  Pump-off controller

•  Gas lift

•  Plunger lift

•  Salt water disposal


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Phone app for oil and gas production data input Easily monitor and manage your production on the go
    •  View trends of performance to assess operations while in the field
    •  Prioritize work while in the field based on current alarm information
    •  Option to push data to other systems or to custom reports

Manually input data, change settings and issue commands
    •  Demand poll from your mobile device to update SCADA readings
    •  Save time with plate changes by immediately updating systems
    •  Create custom mobile forms that eliminate other field paperwork

Use the same system in the field as in the office
    •  View production on an app designed for oil and gas field operators
    •  Download today and log in using your Zedi Access user account


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