Accurately process gas charts with Emerson's Zedi TrueChart

Posted by Donna Viglietti on May 27, 2021 1:30:00 PM

Nothing happens until the oil and gas come to the surface, but it’s also true that nobody gets paid until that production goes through theStop Watch Icon meter and a report is created. Dependable accuracy is vital to maintaining trust and transparency for buyers and royalty owners.

That’s why Emerson's Zedi TrueChart, our chart processing service has the systems and people to make sure we read your charts right and report the numbers accurately every time. Here are the top three ways we do that.

High-resolution scanning 

The first step is in the scanning. The “picture” we get is of such high resolution; We can zero in on every bit of production the gas chart’s pen has recorded.

We’re also careful about reading the center of the pen line. We use a calculation called Root Mean Squared (RMS),which lets us read the exact middle of the line. As you can imagine, reading the bottom of the line would register too little production, and reading the top would show too much. In the middle is just right for everyone.

By the way, those scans can be done in a couple of ways. If you have a field office, we supply the scanner so your employees can scan the charts in-office. This is the fastest way for us to get them, and it facilitates the on-site storage of physical charts.

Or the charts can be sent to us by mail or other couriers so we can scan them. Whatever works for you, and your people works for our team.

Quality assurance for chart accuracy 

Second, because anomalies can occur for various reasons, we check every chart against the three-month variance. If something is off, we review the scan of the physical chart. Mechanical devices can jam or run out of ink, and wells can be taken offline for various reasons. We want to know if the production was really off or if it just didn’t get recorded.

If the company tells us the well was indeed online the whole time, we use that three-month variance to fill in the blank period with the well’s average production numbers.

Third, we have a dedicated Quality Assurance team that reviews a percentage of charts every day. They keep us all on our toes all the time. And you’ll have customer service support, whenever you have a gas chart services related question.

One price no hidden fees

Lots of Customers tell us they appreciate the accuracy—and they also appreciate our straightforward billing. All our services are included at a single price. No hidden fees for services like reading your charts, printing reports, re-scanning charts, or storing images on our server for up to two years.Stop Watch Icon

Emerson's Zedi Access platform integrates your chart data onto our cloud-based database, ready for use in any reporting and analysis you perform.

We’d love to tell you more about how our Zedi TrueChart processing service can help your operations.  



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