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Posted by Doug Watt on Dec 11, 2017 10:15:00 AM

One of my favorite parts of the Zedi Go mobile app is the feedback button.

You might think, “But Doug, that doesn’t help as much as the fact that I can look at charts on my phone or tablet, then prioritize my work by the scale and location of problems. Or that I can change settings, upload readings directly to the server—and be more efficient in so many ways!”

Oh, but the feedback button helps us add to the efficiency features on a regular basis.

Recently, we released a new version of Zedi Go with a big addition you’re going to love.

If you’re getting oil to the surface with one of our SilverJack hydraulic pumpjacks, the new version of Zedi Go will let you make adjustments from your mobile device—wherever you are.

As you probably know, the Zedi Silverjack is already just about the most versatile pumping unit out there. With it, you can make adjustments in stroke length and speed, and you can stop and start it from your desktop.

But you’re not always at your desk when changes are needed—so, based on customer requests, we’ve added this to Zedi Go. No more will you have to try to track someone down at the office to make changes when you’re in the field.

Zedi Go already had some great features—one of the best is this: It lets field personnel enter gas volume readings on their mobile device. This really applies if your company is still in the early stages of automation. Maybe you have back office software for billing, graphing or trending—but you don’t have field monitoring capability just yet.

With Zedi Go, your office people will love you all the time, not just on payday! No more will they be squinting at a zero that looks like a 6, or a decimal point that requires an electron microscope. Nor will they be waiting several days for the field guy to find his paperwork, hoping it didn’t blow out the window somewhere south of Mentone.

All the readings will upload automatically to the Zedi website, from which you can export it digitally to charts or graphs.

And—please don’t let your field people write the readings down, then input them on the device. I’ve heard of people doing this and here’s my suggestion: Don’t! This is supposed to save time.

Some companies with apps in this category only update every couple of years. We’ve upgraded ours every couple of months since our April, 2017 launch.

And when I refer to an April 2017 launch, I’m just talking about Zedi Go. As a company, we’ve been at the forefront of IIoT and field applications since before IIoT was an acronym. Go is simply the mobile version of what we’ve been doing for more than 20 years.

So please excuse me in advance for what I’m about to say, but I can’t help it. When you want the best automation app, it’s simple: Zedi! Set! Go!

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