Our customer service is off the charts!

Posted by Donna Viglietti on Apr 18, 2018 3:36:00 PM



“A shark ate my charts” the caller said, with a chuckle that told me he was joking. Although, being that he was calling from an offshore rig, it would’ve been possible. After all, I really have seen meter charts gnawed on by rodents to the point that they were nearly unreadable. Some have been rained or snowed on. Some get lost.

Fortunately, most come in on time and in good condition—but whatever happens, we can make sure our clients get the information they need for any reporting or decisions that depend on the accuracy of those logs.

To start with, our software is written to the most stringent guidelines you’ll find anywhere. We understand that accuracy and reliability are vital in every report.

After Zedi software reads the meter data, our team analyzes the data and compares it with any notes from the field. If there was downtime due to any factor, we know that a blank section means there really wasn’t any production during that time. Or if an orifice was changed, we know how that affects the readings.

If there are no notes from the field, we have a customer service representative assigned to that client, so they make a call to see if someone just forgot to make a note. If the well was producing during that time, we know it was a charting issue and we can use previous production information to fill in the gaps.

Some wells on plunger lift, gas lift or other intermittent production methods will have expected gaps. We’ll make note of that so we don’t have to call for explanations on those wells.

By having one expert assigned to your account, we smooth the process. They don’t have to call a client for known issues, so our clients can concentrate on their main business. We build trust, and you can’t beat that!

Chart reading software

We have a number of clients tell us they’re really glad they can turn their reading and reporting over to us-and not worry about it any more. We can accurately read, and fill in with data based on history when charts are lost (or used as carryout for rodents), and we accurately report everything.

Are your charts 31 days, 16 days, 7 days or one day? We can read ‘em all. That’s what we do.

In most areas we can also test the gas or liquids to determine how much of each component is present, so the right amount of money changes hands between upstream and midstream.

We love to delight our customers

Our customers, are really partners because we’re just as concerned about accuracy as you are. That’s why I think our customer service really is off the charts!





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