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Posted by Amy Thibault on Apr 30, 2018 12:08:36 PM

There’s always a reason for the season. Every season in our lives has a reason; regained focus with the crisp, fall temperatures, the cold winter nights provides more rest, re-newed beauty and the growth of Spring remind us of possibilities, and the moments of total relaxation in the Summer soaking up the sun revive our spirit and soul.

Our annual Zedi Customer Experience Survey has a reason and a season too; every year we pause for a moment and measure how successful our efforts have been, and where we need to improve to ensure our team is focused on the right innovations, and the best possible solutions for our customers so they can become more productive, more profitable and more sustainable.

When it comes to the reason of the Zedi survey season it’s pretty straightforward. It’s the season to take a long, strong look at our focus areas and where our customers need us to find better ways for them to increase profits, and lower their operating costs. Just because we feel strong ticks of the economy in many regions doesn’t mean we don’t stop innovating the best possible ways to help increase your return on your investment of your assets.

“Satisfaction” isn’t our goal line.

We want to “WOW” you, delight you, and impress you with our innovations! So much so that when it comes to how we help producers do more, with less it isn’t just our objective; it’s our mission. We’re explorers, but making sure we explore innovative new ways to help increase your bottom line is our top priority. Everything we do, every day, is based around increasing your return.

Implementation is everything!

After the annual Customer Experience Survey is in, we get to work; compiling the results, determining what correlates with what from the answers you provide ways to improve, innovate and increase your profits. This is the key; implementing what you tell is into actionable items that will make a difference for the year ahead. Finding ways to truly make your experience with Zedi over-the-top awesome and define our next paths to take innovating new solutions.

Some of our very best decisions have come directly from doing our survey! One year we created a team of Customer Experience Managers that’s dedicated to each of our customers—a complete team that’s only about service. Now when our customers have a question or a problem they need help with, they simply call their own Customer Experience Manager directly. This was a direct result from survey responses in the past.

It hasn’t been an easy road, but Zedi customer satisfaction is well over 90 percent. Not that we’re happy with that; our goal is 100 percent satisfaction! Which is also why we empower every front line Zedi team member to make decisions as if they were running the company. We do this because we know that when you need an answer you need it now! This not only gets decisions made faster, it allows for stronger local solutions. Because we know what works in the Gulf Coast may, or may not work in Alberta.

Innovative. Easy. Fast.

These are words our customers use to best describe Zedi. We love these words because not only do they tell us our innovative solutions are what help increase their profits, but also that our team is easy and fast to work with!

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