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Getting production answers that were needed to react to daily pressures (both internal and external), and finding the time to accurately plan new drills became an extreme struggle for a major producer in the the US market. This producer needed to get several sites automated to deliver their internal teams the information they needed but didn’t want the internal resources absorbed into the process to procure, or engineer. They also didn’t want to wait weeks or months, they needed it now to gain the right data to focus stronger on their core business.


Zedi Automation as a Service (ZAaaS) had been in the infancy stages of market planning – mainly just a concept, or idea when this customer called upon Zedi for help getting their automation up and running quickly, accurately and without any headaches – or fiscal surprises. This is when the team at Zedi stepped up with best-practice hardware, our secure cloud SCADA platform, and the automation installation team to get it in the field and running smoothly - it was simply a matter of putting it all together for the customer fast and accurately.


This major producer has seen Zedi Automation as a Service, or ZAaaS in action now for the past few months with everything up and running smoothly; the time it would take most companies to still be in engineer mode – they love the “Explore. Do” results that Zedi Automation as a Service, or ZAaaS (as we call it), has afforded them to have while driving stronger focus internally on bigger goals of new drills, forecasting and so many other areas of their core business to protect their production, profits and sustainability.


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 Zedi Automation as a Service for oil and gas production ZAaaS