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A junior sized oil and gas producer was trying to gather all the information needed to make a wise, well-educated decision on automation in the field, and a platform to best suit their needs but was getting many mixed messages on what would be the best route to take, or most financially responsible to provide the strongest return. They really wanted something proven to be accurate to help them solve some of their biggest dilemmas and help guide decisions with the data they would get, but every where they turned they were getting quotes of months or years to get it up and running.


One of the Field Supervisors knew of the current desire to get automation up and running and had just read an article about Zedi Automation as a Service (ZAaaS) and mentioned it to one of the decision makers. It was that brief conversation that lead to Zedi to helping get their fields automated in less than a week, with everything set up and running properly – all they had to do was look at their data to help them make better business decisions.


That same ‘Junior’ is now considered an entry level mid-sized player today and directly gives Zedi credit for the boost in production that Zedi Automation as a Service (ZAaaS) provided with it’s super fast set up and detailed, accurate data it provides. Another mention is the tireless Customer Care team that is available them 24/7 to help with anything they have needed. They’ve been so impressed that as they have quickly shown growth and acquired more assets. With Zedi, they have now increased from less than a hundred sites, to over 300 in less than a year.


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