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A smaller sized producer had aging fields which needed to be updated with newer technology. The customer was looking for a solution to monitor and control their 110 locations remotely. To fulfill this need, they looked to Zedi to provide the solution of an efficient field management system that includes accurate controlling and monitoring and data analysis tools, while lowering operating costs.


Zedi provided a solution which included adding 110 wells onto Zedi Access, giving them the ability to control and monitor remotely. Zedi Vital, Zedi Composition Management, and Field and Lab Services were also included in the solution to allow the capturing of field data with advanced reporting, to easily manage gas and liquid composition analysis, and to implement fast and accurate, on site lab services.


Zedi was able to meet and exceed the needs of the customer by implementing a custom solution that fit each area for improvement and optimization. The customer now has an updated field management system that includes software and platform technology, easy access to critical and accurate data, analytics, on-site services, and overall optimization. 

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