Customer Stories



One of our long time customers was looking for a solution to reduce costs, and optimize efficiency of operators in the field. They wanted a way to reduce field time, and easily access real-time data to view which of the well sites needed a return visit while they were still in the field working. A smartphone app was presented to help them achieve their operational goals. 


Zedi was able to suggest and provide the new Zedi Go application as the solution. This helps our customer easily monitor and manage production on the go, change settings and issue commands directly from their mobile devices, and use the same system in the field as in the office. The customer can now easily manage and control their operations and have a cost effective means for operational maintenance, monitoring, and remote control functions.


Zedi was able to meet and exceed the needs of our customer by introducing the Zedi Go application to their current operations workflow. The new app Zedi Go, has successfully reduced their field time by allowing operators to easily access current production and operational data, instantly update systems, and directly control their field devices.

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