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oil and gas chart reading with technology and service is TrueChart

Crystal clear, high resolution scans produced with Zedi technology

Zedi TrueChart leverages proprietary technology to scan each chart at the highest resolution to produce estimated volume, prorated volume, and a wide variety of other reports that are all accessible through our Zedi Access™ cloud-based platform. Highest amount of detail to empower you and your decision-making with two years of chart storage.  Chart integration services include estimates, prorated volumes, and reports explaining downtime and any metering problems.

Zedi TrueChart hi resolution oil and gas chart scanning

  Free storage of chart images for two years!  

We don't merely process your charts; we analyze them to verify the data for potential errors, in an effort to reduce the amount of re-work you have to do.  We also assign dedicated customer service representatives to each account, who provide personalized service to your organization to help you meet your deadlines and requirements.

  • Accurate, highest resolution scanning and lossless compression
  • Proven technology to adjust for pen lags and arcs on the most difficult plunger lift charts
  • Dedicated customer service representative to help you meet your deadlines and requirements
  • Wide variety of monthly reporting options
  • Easily integrate with field data capture applications
  • Easily view reports, charts, meter info and historical data - Anytime, anywhere with Zedi Access



The Zedi TrueChart advantage:

  • Dedicated Representative who is familiar with your properties and reporting requirements
  • Two full years of chart image storage included!
  • The most accurate and complete interpretation of chart data available
  • Detailed verification of meter parameters, orifice plate size, composition & relative density
  • Wide variety of monthly reporting options including
    • Gas volume statements
    • Gas volume summaries
    • Daily volumes
    • Gas tests by day
    • Orifice meter reports
    • Chart processing summaries
    • All in a variety of excel formats customized just for you!
  • Personalized chart identification labels containing:
    • Orifice plate size
    • Coefficient value and meter information
    • Reduce the amount of manual entry required in the field
  • Variance control of gas volumes as compared to the last three months average on a per meter basis
  • Online and historical access to your chart images and volume through Zedi Access
  • Image analysis and volume calculation based on static and differential pressures and temperature lines (where recorded by pen) with daily readings
  • Volume overrides and/or any re reads
  • Capture of all chart specific notes including handwritten temperatures, field operation statuses and operator messages all in one place and easily accessible
  • Scanner Station



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