Zedi Quick Link

Zedi Quick Link


Simplified collection of operational data

The manual process of checking tank levels and operational status’ can quickly cut into your profits.  Automate the gathering of your data with a pre-packaged hardware and software solution that is easy to install. Save time, and money, while increasing team safety with alarm features that allow field personnel to prioritize trips to location with Zedi Quick Link.


It's fast and easy

  • Pre-packaged equipment that is quick and simple to install
  • Get up and running the same day with Zedi hardware and software
  • Simple monitoring solution that automates your operation data collection


Simple and Robust

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Easily view operation performance trends
  • Manage by exception with custom alarm set points


Powerful and Accessible

  • Backed by the power of Zedi Access
  • Increase your team mobility
  • Data from your smartphone while on Zedi Go



Pumpjack Monitoring

Tank Monitoring

Compressor Monitoring

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