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More Productive, More Profitable, More Sustainable

Production potential is something every person, company, and team has within them. It’s discovering the right tools, and people best suited for each challenge that can ultimately attain your optimal goals, and define your substantial long term growth and continued success.

Every day producers around the world are faced with new challenges; commodity pricing, time constraints, staffing complications, safety concerns, environmental issues, budget restrictions, and disruptive market volatility including unforeseen outside influences.

We’ve made it our mission to initiate new dominant solutions to elevate production to higher, more profitable levels for our customers around the world. As explorers, we cultivate innovative technology and provide a team that drastically surpasses your expectations every step of the way.

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History of Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions

Zedi was founded in 1987 as Z.I. Probes. Our innovative precision downhole instruments for oil and gas solidly built our reputation for being a technology leader, while earning international acclaim as a result of our ingenuity and promise to quality.

Realizing the most accurate production data would be achieved directly at the asset, we applied our technology to surface level equipment.

In 2001, we revolutionized the way production companies viewed their data. Our end-to-end system delivered the data that producers around the world found crucial to increase production.

Zedi has grown from a technology start-up, to a reputable international technology leader through continuous developments and acquisitions to provide producers a vast range of solutions to maximize production.

The Zedi difference is our real-time view of remote assets, high-resolution data, two-way communication for precise monitoring and control, that’s all backed by our dedicated team members.


Our endless exploration provides our customers with exceptional tools to increase production with a strong commitment to predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence. Our rich heritage drives our modern journey to pioneering autonomous production as the dominant solution to bring your production, profits and sustainability to all new levels.


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