Zedi Measurement Schematics to meet regulatory deadlines and audits for oil and gas well pads

Easily create, approve & update measurement schematics

Create schematics for all facilities, manage all changes, track all revision history, and document reviews and approvals. This complete program combines professional services with a cloud based tool designed specifically with regulations in mind.


Cloud based application for real-time production view that is easy to update, and track approvals for meeting regulatory deadlines with peace of mind in the event of an audit that improves communications between field and office.


    • Stay up-to-date with changing regulations
    • Help with schematic creation and application set-up
    • Drag and drop easy-to-use drawing tools and standard symbols
    • Link multiple schematics to track the flow of production
    • Assign permissions to view, edit and approve
    • Unlimited number of users
    • Access the latest schematic – anytime, anywhere



Measurement Schematics group


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