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Zedi Access

Zedi Go - Current Alarms page  |  PDF

Software Development highlights   |  PDF

Zedi Access - No communications alarm  |   PDF

Zedi Access Enhancements   |   PDF

Zedi Access Enhancements   |   PDF


Zedi Composition Management

Zedi Composition Management Enhancements     PDF

Zedi Composition Management Enhancements   PDF

Zedi Composition Management Enhancements   |  PDF

Zedi Composition Management Enhancements   |   PDF

Upgrade browser | PDF


Zedi Vital 

Automated data scavenger import | PDF



Roughneck Release - May 2020   |  PDF

Roughneck Release - February 2020  |  PDF

Enhancements  |   PDF

Roughneck Enhancements   |   PDF

Maintenance Release    PDF

Maintenance Release   |   PDF



Third Party Access Request | PDF

Transfer of Ownership | PDF



Alarm Manager  |  PDF

Zedi Analytics Training Guide  |  PDF

Acknowledging Alarms |  Acknowledging Alarms for Zedi SCADA Devices



Zedi Access Introduction Video

Basic navigation | Video | PDF

Reset password or find username | Video | PDF

View and save locations on your smartphone |  Video | PDF

Customer Network Access (CNA) Troubleshooting Guide


Web Permissions
Understanding web permissions | PDF
Assigning web permissions for users or groups | Video |  PDF
Web permissions reference tool | PDF

Well Permissions
Assigning well permissions for users or groups | Video | PDF
Well permissions reference tool |  PDF


Meter Inspection/Compliance Checklist | Excel Form



Updating orifice plates |  Video | PDF

Smart-Alek User Guide
Download Smart-Alek Communicator V.3