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Global Oil Production Data Visibility from Anywhere, at Anytime


• Immediate access to production data from Global office
• Successful integration using Emerson hardware
• Automation created positive return on investment
• Global visibility to clean, real-time data for production analysis



Emerson’s Zedi Cloud SCADA Solution Emerson Automation Hardware



Southern Texas International Exploration and Production company with Mid-Size operations in United States (Global office located in Asia).



Customers construction of a new greenfield net facility included two immediate wells and four wells for future expansion.

The new facility had no visibility, communication, or production data.

They wanted the new facility to have full automation; this way, data can go into Emerson Zedi Access (cloud-based software as a service) to pull information into the company’s internal production accounting system from a data push.

With the new automation, the customer wants to increase production, reduce lease operating costs, and quickly see a return on assets.



The CEO of the company had asked for three solutions that initiated Emerson personnel to diligently draft proposals on how to resolve the pains, differentiate the solutions, and create a significant return on investment.

Written proposals detailed the legacy automation system in place with multi manufacturers solution, Emerson hardware, and an Emerson wireless solution all made available in a single, cloud-based platform to easily see all production data from each system into one, from anywhere.

The customer was able to easily analyze all three proposed solutions and chose the Emerson hardware solution to best meet the needs of its facilities.

The hardware solution was decided on the Emerson ROC827 control panels and Rosemount transmitters. Our ability to provide a complete hardware and edge-to-cloud computing solution for monitoring and control, as well as a regional SaaS expert for full support and installation services gave us a significant advantage over the competition.

They has worked with Emerson’s Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions on previous projects, but this is the first time they decided to use equipment entirely manufactured by Emerson instead of multi-manufactures; this created continued confidence for several additional future projects.

The facility’s automation installation was completed on time and on budget to provide increased visibility, communication, and accurate, anywhere, anytime production data.

Additional training delighted all global office personnel to learn how to easily utilize Zedi Access Software effectively. The company now has full access to permission-based information for efficient analysis of production data from around the globe.

Creating a well defined and detailed proposal, Emerson’s Zedi Cloud SCADA Solutions exceeded all expectations for the project and is continuing with the Customer on additional new projects.



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