Remote monitoring and adjustment boosts production, cuts overhead

Posted by Zedi News on Nov 27, 2018 2:31:00 PM

To increase your oil and gas production and reach the efficiencies offered with artificial intelligence (AI) the system requires: complete data collection regarding the downhole card and pump information such as stroke speed, length and interval, along with other data.

Then that data must be stored and analyzed against a complete set of parameters designed to show only the anomalies that actually indicate a problem—not harmless or transient ones that would create false alarms that would soon be ignored at the risk of then missing a real problem.


This article explores how to boost oil and gas production with artificial intelligence (AI) with Zedi Smart-Field. It quickly identifies an issue and then implements the first solution previously 'learned', analyzes the new data to see if that fixed it, then the second, and third option until it either fixes, or then alerts a human.

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