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Posted by Zedi News on Mar 12, 2018 11:15:00 AM

HOUSTON, TX – (March 12, 2018) Zedi is pleased to announce the launch of Zedi Tank Monitoring, an easy-to-use solution to easily monitor your tanks from anywhere with simple, easy to read data. This Zedi technology provides visibility to your tanks with sensor points showing you current volume or levels, with cry-out alarms to inform you of any issues.

Zedi’s simple tank monitoring solution provides notifications on features such as operational status, real-time tank levels and real-time tank volumes with custom alarm set up available. With this simple solution, companies can now reduce site visits while increasing safety, profitability and uptime. Real time data is available anytime, anywhere through Zedi Access, a powerful tool that provides remote monitoring, control and optimization.

“What makes this different is our unique automation capabilities being added to existing tank set ups, saving customers the stress of guessing what is going wrong with their tanks” says Darren Epp, Director and Market Manager of Automation at Zedi. “This solution is designed to integrate existing automation and SCADA for the customer, ultimately saving them time and money.”

This solution is easy and inexpensive to install with low cost wireless sensors and transmitters. It is also efficient for the customer through self-contained power systems, long battery life for wireless sensors and the ability to add solar power system to wireless sensors.

The new tank monitoring solution is available in two options depending on the specific needs of the set up. The scalable solution is available for one tank to multiple in one location, which are serviced by the same communications assembly. The expandable solution adds additional wireless sensors to monitor pumpjacks, pressures, temperatures or totalizers.

Epp continues by saying, “The addition of tank monitoring into our automation capabilities, in combination with our Software solutions, is another example of how Zedi is provides its customers with the tools they need to realize their production potential.”

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