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Vibration data for pulp, paper and packaging


• Remote vibration monitoring is now portable to assets as needed

• Gained ability to quickly move to different asset for visibility

• Implementation was needed quickly to keep up with demand



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Long-standing Emerson Impact Partner Scallon Controls customer in the Printing and Packaging manufacturing industry.



Large printing and packaging manufacturer with several locations throughout North America was faced with quickly needing to add vibration monitoring to some of it’s production equipment to gain stronger remote visibility into the health of the equipment that it heavily depends on to consistently operate at all times to become more reliable. They were already understaffed and this is was being done as a manual process that was time-consuming and very costly.

They took pride in utilizing smart solutions to out-pace competition. In this case the locations of where the vibration analytics were needed would often change depending on the stage of current production of final product.

They needed a solution that was fast to implement, flexible to change to different assets, and cost-effective to know detailed equipment analytics and data to tell them what, when and how to action to keep production performance up to meeting increasing demand.



After several large disturbances in operations for downed equipment that wasn’t scheduled, the Customer decided it was time to look into what smart technology was out there that could help them keep their operations more reliable and be sustainable for return that could deliver vibration data without all the time and cost involved in the manual process.

Emerson’s Zedi Cloud platform in collaboration with Emerson’s Impact Partner Scallon Controls in Southeast Texas brought forward our solution that checked all the boxes of being wireless, with a fast implementation, while offering the flexibility and mobility they needed but is also easy and quick to provide strong return on investment.

With a long-standing relationship with Scallon Controls for several other Emerson solutions through the years, the Customer knew they could trust the recommendation of implanting Emerson’s Zedi Cloud platform that enables Zedi Access and Zedi Go (the mobile app).

Because Scallon Controls was very aware of the staffing shortage the customer was challenged with, they offered Emerson’s Zedi Cloud platform as a service model that the Scallon personnel would handle setting alarms, notifications of alarms, while monitoring current and long-term data trends of asset health and make performance recommendations to the end customer.

The Zedi Cloud platform now delivers Scallon Controls the data needed to understand and predict the health of the equipment to be sure they keep their customer’s assets running smoothly and on time to meet expectations.

Now the Customer gets valuable insights and recommendations from Scallon Controls from the data for vibrations, and is able to better predict when, what and how the maintenance should be scheduled and set time to prepare for asset downtime while still meeting production expectations and goals.

After implanting the Zedi Cloud platform so successfully they are considering adding more indicators like pressure monitoring, and temperature readings to enable them even more detailed insights to process improvements and sustainability of operations.

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