Safe kids - Recognizing hot summer vehicle hazards

Posted by Randy Quesseth on Jun 22, 2018 2:47:20 PM

The summer catches many of us off guard every year - The sun heats up, the icy cold temperatures of winter are quickly replaced with the sweltering hot, humid, sunny days of summer. We welcome most of the change, but there is certainly one change that comes with the warm summer days that none of us welcome.

Unfortunately, the season change doesn’t simply bring us summer vacations, and fishing. It also brings tragedy. It’s just like clockwork, every year. I can’t explain it, nobody can, but it happens every year with amazing regularity when the temperature starts to climb.

Another child left in a car in high heat conditions, with the same tragic outcome.

Children have died in hot cars when the outside temperature was as low as 60F degrees. A closed vehicle can exceed 50C – 122F and that’s no place for a pet, or a plant, and defiantly not a small person, for any amount of time. A child overheats 3-5 times faster than an adult. In the US alone, one child dies every nine days in a hot car every single year.

Those are some staggering statistics.

Simply recognizing the hazards that involved; Saving a bit of time for the sake of convenience, against possible harm from the environment, multiplied by time extension, equals a lifetime of regret.  Recognizing our own stress levels and realizing nothing is more important than remembering who's in the vehicle with us before we exit. Stop, think.

Summer safety

Hazards exist everywhere, whether we recognize them, or not. Of course we think about some hazards every day in the oil field, at well sites, on the roads to any production facility, anywhere, and everywhere. We need to think of more than what hazards face us everyday; think of how things might change in our surroundings. We need to recognize the heat of summer, and the danger it creates that can have tragic outcomes.

We need to think about the heat, and the sun everyday. It’s not the only time that we often don’t think about hazards; the same as we forget what can go wrong when we fire up the grill, or cut the grass, or climb into a boat for a fun day on the lake.

These are all hazardous activities that we do with such regularity that we forget how bad they can be if things go wrong. Please, this summer when you're at home and at work, think about what you are about to do, what could go wrong, and how bad could it be.

This simple step can prevent an incident and could save a life, including your own, or even a child’s. Please stop, and think.


For more information on summer safety for kids please click here.



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