Customer Stories


Clean, consistent, real-time data with ZAaaS


  • In-house SCADA was preventing a Junior sized production company from getting valuable, clean data
  • Several different people needed to see the data from a secure cloud with customer reporting
  • Zedi Access quickly brought data to all the right people and enabled more focus on actual production



ZAaaS for fast growth - Zedi Automation as a Service

  • Quotes of months or years to get automation up and running for an oil and gas producer was slowing growth
  • In less than a week after hearing about Zedi Automation as a Service they had automation up and running
  • Fast set up time and accurate detailed production data helped drive the focus for strong growth


Zedi Automation as a Service - ZAaaS for speed

  • Finding the time to focus on drill plans while needing automation at several sites stressed this major producer
  • Zedi offered best-practice automation hardware, secure SCADA platform and installation with service
  • The speed Zedi brought the automation into the field enabled this major to better focus on core business


 Zedi Composition Management (ZCM)

  • A production company needed a new system for storing and analyzing historical gas and liquid testing data
  • Zedi Composition Management (ZCM) was implemented into current Zedi Access and SCADA hosting offer
  • A new process was established to now ensure compliance and give visibility into production data and trends

Lab and Measurement Solution

  • Large oil and gas production company wanted to outsource lab and measurement needs
  • Combination of lab and measurement solutions offered to reduce costs and increase productivity
  • Consolidated solution backed by experts, helped the customer save time and money

Zedi TrueChart and Training

  • Producer needed a cost effective solution for their charts to create stability and provide training for staff
  • Zedi delivered a TrueChart solution and expert-lead training was provided at the field level 
  • The customer observed a savings of cost and time, with the combination of a chart solution and training 

SCADA Solution

  • Producer needed a cost effective solution to streamline operations and workflow with their current SCADA system
  • Zedi migrated their SCADA system to a more fiscally responsible, updated and secure platform
  • Resulted in increased production and profits through optimization, confidence with the security provided


Custom Lab Solution

  • Company was looking for expert lab solution to meet growth
  • Zedi recommended a solution to build and staff the lab for the customer
  • Fully functioning lab built and staffed with certified lab technicians


IoT Custom Solution 

  • The customer was looking for a full solution to ensure they could remotely manage their assets 
  • Zedi offered a customized solution which consisted of the Zedi IoT cloud-based platform technology 
  • Resulted in remote monitoring and alarm capabilities, reduced operational expenses and personnel efficiency 


Custom Bundle Solution

  • The customer was looking for a full Automation Solution for their new high yield assets
  • Zedi customized a solution including Automation, Measurement, Lab Solutions and the Service Promise Program
  • Resulted in a trusted relationship with a new customer and an Automation Solution which ensured goals were met

Chart Remote Scanner Fix

  • An intermediate-sized producer and current customer had one of their remote scanners on site down
  • Zedi employees worked together to get the scanner working without any financial consequences for the customer
  • Resulted in a happy and fulfilled customer with properly updated and efficient scanners on site


Quick Turnaround Automation Solution

  • A mid-size producer was in need of a full automation suite for their new wells with a quick turnaround time
  • Zedi provided a custom automation solution that included hardware, engineering, field and lab solutions
  • Resulted in the customer gaining full automation suites quickly to achieve goals and optimize business


Smart-Alek Solution

  • An independent oil and gas company was seeking accurate data and quick visibility of their wells 
  • The Zedi Smart-Alek was introduced as a solution to monitor and access data securely and remotely
  • Resulted in the customer saving time and money while  properly maintaining and monitor their wells remotely


Automation and Measurement Solution

  • Oil and gas producer needed a one-stop shop for automation and measurement based on quality and cost
  • A combination of Zedi Software, Automation and Measurement was provided as the best solution 
  • Resulted in real-time data, control of all measurement and safety systems that increased profits


Zedi Composition Management (ZCM)

  • Customer required streamlined processes of daily operations without the sacrifice of speed or quality
  • The New ZCM tool was provided to plan their sampling program, find fluid analysis and keep devices up to date
  • Resulted in goals being achieved and optimization of daily operations without sacrificing the quality of work



  • Aboriginal communities required training, educational courses, and integration into the oil & gas industry
  • Zedi, NLC, NENAS, and T8TA partnered to place qualified members of Aboriginal communities in the workforce
  • EAGLE students have successfully completed their first course and are being integrated into the industry


Field Solution

  • Customer required heavy maintenance and service to existing sites  
  • Zedi provided experts and equipment to properly and efficiently maintain and service sites 
  • Field Solutions ensured the customer had updated, safe, and optimized working fields 


Automation Solution

  • A new producer acquired a field in need of full automation  
  • Custom solution including software and automation to provide increased oil well optimization
  • Cost effective oil production access and control of data; anywhere, anytime


Zedi Go

  • Customer required solution to reduce field time and operational costs 
  • Zedi Go app provided easy access to current data, instant updates, and direct control
  • Resulted in instant accurate data and management, reduction in operating costs, and overall optimization


Software Solution 

  • Producer had aging fields that needed to be updated with newer technology
  • Solution provided included Zedi Access, Vital, Composition Management and Field and Lab services
  • Combination of software solutions allow for customer to monitor and control sites remotely


Hardware Upgrade

  • Producer acquired fields with almost no existing automation, needing daily site visits and manual operation
  • Through expert research a solution was provided including Automation, Software and Field Solutions
  • Combination of software and hardware allows customer to and control the operations remotely


2G Network Shutdown - Hardware Upgrade Project

  • Existing network that was upgraded by the provider that transmits Zedi’s customers production data
  • 145 sites replaced and upgraded by Zedi field techs over 2 months
  • Effective hardware migration as part of the Zed Service Promise Program


Pumpjack Monitoring

  • Visibility into run status and casing pressure needed for new wells 
  • Pumpjack monitoring provided to consolidate data through one system
  • Real-time alarming now available to customer resulting in less downtime


 Remote Location Lab Services

  • Large number of wells in remote locations needed lab service solution
  • Combination of Lab Services and Software solution used to solve customer issues
  • Remote lab capabilities and access to essential data through Zedi Composition Management
  • Solution needed to prevent redundant work and reduce operating costs
  • Custom solution created utilizing Roughneck’s scheduling capabilities
  • Customer achieved reduced operating costs and increased efficiency in field operations 


Flash Liberation Testing 

  • New testing method needed to reduce measurement errors
  • Customer chose Zedi for Flash Liberation Testing capabilities 
  • Slow lab turnaround times and measurement errors reduced


Artificial Lift Custom Solution

  • Custom Artificfial Lift solution required
  • Provided a creative and low cost solution to allow for multiple wells
  • Solution provides optimization with Zedi’s SilverJack and Zedi Access


Full Build Solution

  • Needed full build solution from one vendor
  • Zedi provided Automation, Artificial Lift and Field Services 
  • Increased visibility into production, and improved control


Legacy SCADA System Migration

  • New SCADA system required 
  • Zedi migrated SCADA system and upgraded hardware in the field
  • Resulted in increased production through optimization


Equipment Solution

  • Economical way to produce high quality gas lift skids
  • Provided solutions through Field Instrumentation and Constulting Services
  • Product manufactured locally, with high quality at a low cost


Customer Win-Back

  • Required bundled service package tailored to specific needs
  • Field Services and SCADA pagkage bundle provided
  • Cost savings through streamlining processes with one service provider