Emerson Zedi Automation as a Service

Zedi Automation as a Service

Zedi is a leading technology and services company in the field of production operations. Through technology backed by expert consultation and services, we help our customers realize their production potential.

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Software ICON Software Solutions

Simplify and scale your business process with Zedi’s secure cloud infrastructure built for production. Increase profitability and operational excellence with real-time analytics for better performing assets, streamlined compliance, and optimized resources.  Gain efficiency with anytime, anywhere, access to accurate and reliable data utilizing mobile accessibility to view exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it.  Leverage the power of Zedi’s industrial IIoT platform to drive your business forward.


SCADA_icon Automation Solutions

Zedi practically started the IIoT revolution with our vision, exploration and innovation. We’ve been at the forefront of production technology for over twenty years.  Rugged, reliable and accurate Zedi hardware at your well head so you don’t have to be.  Remotely control a variety of devices from a single easy-to-use network.



Service Services

Lab, Measurement, Field and Artificial lift services

Decades of onshore and offshore experience, knowledge of local challenges in production operations, maintenance services with on-site labs, all backed by technology.

Fast and accurate on-site testing with ten physical lab locations with field technicians for all sample collection and testing services complete with project managers to coordinate all aspects of sample collection and testing for all your testing needs for testing oil, natural gas, water, and soil.  


I have a question IIoT New Ventures with technology to drive stronger returns for argiculture, clean tech and food service

More Productive, More Profitable, More Sustainable

We continuously advance our artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to develop distinct market gains for our customers. Value is recognized in our automation, SCADA, cloud security, IIoT platform, and sensors that all assist in capturing the relevant data you need to reach your most extreme production targets.

Our flexible integrated solutions can easily be adjusted to fit your exact needs while giving you the advantage of one easy to work with source that will deliver production technology and service excellence.

The dynamic Zedi team is strongly committed to your ultimate objectives, through dedication, exploration and living our values. Our solutions provide the tools, and our team provides the delight. Zedi team members demand speed and accuracy of themselves, and each other, because we know you’re counting on us to get you the right tools, right now.


Great Zedi career opportunities in measurement, automation, software, labs artificial lift and field solutions