Cloud SCADA for oil and gas production

Rapidly realize your oil and gas production potential through cloud analytics, machine learning and mobility


End-to-end production data from sensors in the field that are securely connected to gateways that support a variety of protocols and deliver real-time, easy to read oil and gas production data to you anytime, anywhere to drive stronger business decisions at every level. Secure, scalable cloud SCADA that’s intuitive and supports any digital monitoring hardware for real-time operational data for oil and gas producers around the world.


We simplify the connection between sensors to get you the data you need to make better business decisions. Providing both a web interface to end users, as well as the ability to push data to third party platforms gives you accurate production data, remote control and optimization, cry-out alarms and the mobility you need with our smart-phone app.

Software for oil and gas production with analytics
Automation as a Service for oil and gas production


Cloud SCADA oil and gas production
Zedi Access opil and gas production software
Zedi Composition Management to easily manage oil and gas  analysis
Zedi Go the app built for oil and gas producers


Zedi Automation as a Service to simplify oil and gas production automation
Inhouse SCADA cost
Autonomous Speed to oilfield production
Zedi Control Center is almost magic when it comes to reducing operations costs and safety

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More production, profits and more sustainability

We continuously advance our artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to develop distinct market gains for our customers. Value is recognized in our automation, SCADA, cloud security, IIoT platform, and sensors that all assist in capturing the relevant data you need to reach your most extreme production targets.

Our flexible integrated solutions can easily be adjusted to fit your exact needs while giving you the advantage of one easy to work with source that will deliver production technology and service excellence.


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Autonomous oil and gas production
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