Emerson Zedi Automation as a Service

Zedi Automation as a Service

Through technology backed by expert consultation and services, we help our customers realize their production potential.


Software 2019  Software Solutions

Simplify and scale your business process with Zedi’s secure cloud infrastructure built for production. Increase profitability and operational excellence with real-time analytics for better performing assets, streamlined compliance, and optimized resources.  Gain efficiency with anytime, anywhere, access to accurate and reliable data utilizing mobile accessibility to view exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it.  Leverage the power of Zedi’s industrial IIoT platform to drive your business forward.


Automation Icon 2019_rgb  Automation Solutions

Zedi practically started the IIoT revolution with our vision, exploration and innovation. We’ve been at the forefront of production technology for over twenty years.  Rugged, reliable and accurate Zedi hardware at your well head so you don’t have to be.  Remotely control a variety of devices from a single easy-to-use network.


Fast Rocket Icon GREY  Zedi Automation as a Service (ZAaaS)

Effortlessly integrate automation in the field into accurate data to quickly deliver better business decisions, all backed by expert service from every angle. Production automation is solidly part of everything we do at Zedi, and is now available as a service to make it easier for you to explore the automation options for your needs, and then get up and running fast and accurately with our best practice pieces ready to install in weeks - not months, or years!


Smart-Field  Zedi Smart-Field™

Start your journey to an autonomous field with Zedi for oilfield solutions to demand more production, profits and sustainability from your assets. Our market leading technology has driven us to innovate the direction of the oil and gas industry to new heights with Zedi Smart-Field™.  We’ve combined our proven hardware and software, backed by the Zedi team to introduce Zedi Smart-Field™ for every producers need for stronger, long term returns.


Zedi Go  Keep Go-ing... with Zedi Go

Mobility to the power of our market leading platform


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More Productive, More Profitable, More Sustainable

We continuously advance our artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics to develop distinct market gains for our customers. Value is recognized in our automation, SCADA, cloud security, IIoT platform, and sensors that all assist in capturing the relevant data you need to reach your most extreme production targets.

Our flexible integrated solutions can easily be adjusted to fit your exact needs while giving you the advantage of one easy to work with source that will deliver production technology and service excellence.
Cloud SCADA built for smarter oil and gas production