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Autonomous Rod Pump Management delivers
• Consolidated platform for SCADA data, advanced visualizations, and analytics
• Evergreen, scalable cloud-based platform enhancements enables focus on their operations and growth, and not the platform
• Enables future “Operate by Exception” initiatives for their organization



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Oklahoma oil and natural gas exploration and production company



An independent exploration and production company partnered with Emerson and Vinson Process Controls on an automation and instrumentation projects.

Using their existing infrastructure, customer desired enhancing their operations with value-generating digital technologies. They want to leverage machine learning (ML) and advanced analytics to prioritize operator routes, gain insight on operations, and optimize artificial lift performance.

The company has implemented Emerson’s Zedi Cloud Platform as it’s primary SCADA system for its operations and now needs to migrate an additional 154 wells to the platform, totaling 378 wells.

As part of the strong efforts to Digitally Transform their operations, the company required additional integration and innovative solutions into current and future operations.



Knowing the customer’s operations and their digital roadmap made it painless to the customer for our experts to migrate an additional 154 wells to the Zedi Cloud Platform to total 378. Our Platform is easily scalable for rapidly growing operations and enables them to add more wells through drilling and M&A activity efficiently.

Our Platform solution, included communication architecture for data to be polled over the existing APN to the Zedi Cloud via a secure VPN connection. This implementation supports full read/write functionality to end field devices.

Zedi Autonomous Rod Pump Management analytics are available through Zedi Access for pump card data to be collected and interpreted via proprietary machine learning algorithms. The results of these algorithms are viewable through integrated Tableau dashboards. These results showcase any anomalous pump activity and attempt to categorize the anomalies into actionable categories. The algorithm prescribes operator actions to be taken to offset the issues it interprets. The analytics will provide the Customer’s production engineering people with better insight to pump performance.

Production data from the field can be viewed in multiple visual styles on the Zedi platform with customizable live data screens that can be templated for use across many sites and contain useful images and graphs to drill down into a specific wells operations.

While creating custom dashboards for trending data, our Platform can also be utilized for custom calculations and reports. The system can be set up to send dashboards reports at pre-set time intervals to a list of specified users. The customer can create customizable reports for summary views that help aggregate and visualize data being brought into Zedi Access. Reports can be used to actively connect with other data sources, such as projected production values for comparison to actual production values.

Zedi Self-Serve Commissioning tools allow the customer to manage new location creation and existing location modification. These tools provide a greater level of control over SCADA implementation for future growth.

Zedi provided all relevant personnel training to commission new sites online, create sensor templates, and manage the Self-Serve Commissioning tools.

We successfully migrated 378 wells to Zedi Access. Emerson’s Zedi Go mobile app will also give them access to the same data, in which staff can monitor and control operations from anywhere at anytime with their smartphone. The customer’s continued confidence in Emerson’s Zedi Cloud Platform has led them to stay committed to our solutions, which have enabled them to quickly scale operations to meet operational objectives and continue their digital transformation on the journey to become fully autonomous.


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