Zedi Smart-Field™

Autonomous oil and gas production

Real time view of every field asset, high resolution data, two-way communication for precise monitoring and control of your assets, and our team with you every step of the way.  Take this journey with us and help guide your autonomous field development to the exact solution that will bring your production, profits, and sustainability to new levels.

  • Manage and optimize remotely
  • Complete, clear data
  • Easily set smart alarms
  • Predictive intelligence
  • Self correcting optimization
  • Continuously modulated control
  • Exception based safety systems
  • Zedi Access software
  • Zedi Go mobile app
  • 24/7/365 Customer Care


 We’re bringing innovation to a new level

  • Scalable to fit your project size, and growth
  • Increase the reliability of your assets
  • Simplified maintenance and repairs
  • Improved focus on Health, Safety and EnvironmentMeeting Request