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Bold Production Services, LLC. (Bold), is an oil and gas production and treating service company with operational locations in both the Eagle Ford and Permian basins.


They provide oil and natural gas treating, processing and production solutions for producers, midstream and oilfield service companies, and bring a unique blend of products, services, and technology to their customers by leveraging their extensive experience in the oil and gas industry.


Bold delivers ease of installation and operation, on demand service, and safety. All together, their turnkey service maximizes runtime for their customers from the wellhead to the pipeline.



Bold wanted to create more value for their customers by implementing digital technology for remote monitoring and control of their B-Cool: Mobile Total Flow Coolers.


These coolers are used to reduce the gas and liquid temperatures to meet downstream process requirements. Bold’s Mobile Total Flow Coolers are forced draft trailer mounted packages that are powered by an electric motor. Volume enters the cooler through the inlet piping at the trailer edge, then to the top of the cooler into the header box where it passes through the coils.


The system monitors output temperature and adjusts the fan speed and louver position to maintain the desired set temperature. The flow then exits the cooler through the outlet piping also at trailer edge. Through this design, Bold customers maximize the efficiency of the system, while reducing associated costs and safety risks.


To better monitor and control their coolers, they wanted a cloud-based SaaS SCADA platform to manage their mobile cooler units performance and to be aware of potential issues. They also wanted to periodically transfer data from internal systems and to gain advanced reporting and dashboard capabilities.


Their goal was to improve business processes while keeping their units running efficiently for their customers.



Action was taken to install new modems in existing RTU and PLC panels. A standardized template was created for all units ensuring efficient data quality from multiple sensor points. Bold Mobile Total Flow Coolers were then commissioned to the scaleable Zedi SaaS SCADA platform to gain accurate, up-to-date, evergreen data.


Through Zedi Data Exchange, Bold can now push/pull data to their internal systems as needed. They are also using Emerson’s Zedi Go mobile app for digitization of field operations for call-outs, and downtime entry that is complete with real-time data entry for reporting and diagnostics.


Customized dashboards were added to calculate equipment efficiencies and availability. Bold provided formulas and required inputs to generate purpose-built analytics to improve business operations.


Now, with Zedi Access reporting, Bold can easily generate weekly and monthly maintenance and mechanical reports that can be reviewed internally or exported for customers to view consolidated, accurate, and easy-to-read operational data.


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Bold Production Services increases efficiency and value with Emerson’s Zedi SaaS SCADA

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