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Accurate and consolidated operational data

Zedi Access™ is a secure SaaS (software as a service) that is an intuitive and scalable for remote SCADA monitoring, control and optimization at your site - regardless of the device used with anytime, anywhere, authorized access to data.


Single source for your authorized end users to actively see the information you decide is relevant to each person or role within your organization.


Loaded with the features you need

• Unlimited users with anywhere, anytime access
• Vivid data trending, default and custom reporting
• Zedi Go Mobile App for iPhone & Android
• 3rd party access and data exchange with push/pull
• Continuous polling engine & communication optimization
• Alarm Management with automated call-out alarms
• Easily manage permissions and automated workflows
• Two-factor authentication (2FA) access management security


Fully supported by experts

• Platform deployment, training, database licensing deployment and support
• Effortless, always up to date with updates and security developments
• Secure IT network security and server management with redundancy
• Historian, polling engine & HMI template management
• Communications and IP address and tag management
Your powerful operational data is driven by our commitment to continuously update and enhance our cloud-based SaaS SCADA to securely, quickly and accurately bring you all right data to help you make the best possible business decisions every day.


Zedi Access for accurate remote operational cloud data with two-factor authentication (2FA) for security

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Secure cloud platform to access your production assets with the industry's most innovative technology

Evergreen Software Solutions

Accurate data with advanced analytics for better performing assets, compliance & optimization


Alarm Management Service

Reduce operator field time with automated operations remotely 24/7 supervised and properly alarmed


Advanced Analytics

Insights never before possible with advanced analytics to present actionable data & stronger return

Zedi Go Mobile App

Easily enter, monitor and manage your production anytime, anywhere with the mobile app built for you


Technology Backed by Services

Innovative cloud & IIoT technology backed by service experts available 24/7/365


The differences and beneftis of on premise SCADA and Cloud SCADA
Zedi Go Mobile app

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