Zedi Access

SCADA software for oil and gas production

Zedi Access is the software that is built for oil and gas producers for remote SCADA monitoring, control and optimization at the well pad - regardless of the field device used at site.

The Zedi Software suite delivers up-to-the-minute data to your computer or on Zedi Go, the smart phone app with accurate, and relevant data for rod pump monitoring and control, tank levels, video surveillance, gas and liquid composition management, measurement schematics, and more - all in a single source for the end users that you grant permissions to actively see the information you decide is relevant to each person on your team.

This powerful production data is driven by Zedi's commitment to continuously update and enhance our platform to bring you all right data to help you make the best possible business decisions every day.

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Lower operating costs with easy-to-use software for access to critical data anytime, anywhere. 


Software for data management of oil and gas productionLoaded with the features you need

  • Live production data anywhere, anytime
  • Unlimited users, anywhere access
  • Data trending, default and custom reporting
  • Tableau Analytics for vivid graphics
  • Zedi Go Mobile App for iPhone & Android
  • 3rd party access and data exchange (push/pull)
  • Continuous polling engine optimization
  • Continuous communications optimization
  • Alarm Management
  • Automated call-out alarm system
  • Automated workflows
  • Easily manage permissions for your team


Production software for oil and gas producersFully supported production software

  • Zedi SCADA platform deployment and support
  • Software and system database licensing deployment and support
  • System promotions, upgrades, and development
  • Communications management
  • IT network security and management
  • Server management including redundancy
  • Historian management
  • Polling engine management
  • HMI template management
  • IP address management
  • Tag management


Secure data in the cloud for oil and gas production Information Security

  • Industry leading Data Center
  • Encrypted communications
  • Real-time customer data backups
  • Active monitoring of health of all services


Software support for oil and gas SoftwareWe're with you every step of the way

  • All-inclusive Training
  • 24/7 SCADA support
  • 24/7 Customer Care

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 Zedi Go mobile app - Keep Going... with Zedi Go the app built for oil and gas producers


Phone app for oil and gas production data input Easily monitor and manage your production on the go
    •  View trends of performance to assess operations while in the field
    •  Prioritize work while in the field based on current alarm information
    •  Option to push data to other systems or to custom reports

Manually input data, change settings and issue commands
    •  Demand poll from your mobile device to update SCADA readings
    •  Save time with plate changes by immediately updating systems
    •  Create custom mobile forms that eliminate other field paperwork

Use the same system in the field as in the office
    •  View production on an app designed for oil and gas field operators
    •  Download today and log in using your Zedi Access user account