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Natural Gas Utility Provider Increases Safety with Redundancy


• Increased data visibility and streamlined processes to increase safety 


• Meter stations are now managed more efficiently


• Enhanced utilization of personal & decreased overhead expenses


• Accurate flow rate volume calculations



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Natural gas utility provider



A natural gas utility provider seeks a cost-efficient redundant monitoring and alarming solution on their critical town border pressure monitoring station and their critical intake stations. 


Our customer uses a traditional on-premises SCADA system with a single server. They are concerned that if that server went down or the office where that system was housed had to close, they would be without control and alarming capabilities. 


The customer felt a secondary cloud-based SCADA system with advanced capabilities would be the best back-up and most beneficial to their current primary on-premises SCADA system in place and ensure that data is secure when unexpected events occur and available to those authorized to gain visibility from anywhere.



Emerson solved their critical site redundancy by providing a fully separate communication channel and a separate cloud-based SCADA system. Now in the event of a natural disaster they can monitor their critical sites from anywhere, at anytime.


Seventy-eight pressure monitoring stations we’re set-up in Emerson’s Zedi Cloud SCADA platform to monitor pressures. 


Emerson’s Zedi Field Gateway 600 packages were installed at nine critical intake station sites with RTUs and six other sites where Emerson’s Rosemount pressure transmitters that were required for transmission pressure monitoring.


As a redundant standalone cloud-based SCADA system, the customer can now monitor their odorization systems even at locations where they don’t currently have RTUs, something they were not able to do before. 


Emerson’s Zedi cloud platform will enable the customer to monitor flow rates, pressures and odor injections from our securely in a single source for the companies’ authorized employees to see the information in real-time. 


With the Emerson Zedi Go mobile app, employees can quickly access site information from any mobile device. The Zedi Go app allows for alarms to be delivered directly to their phones, allowing more accurate and rapid responses to differing levels of safety risk situations.


The customer can now redundantly monitor, control, alarm, and report on their critical sites backed by 24/7 support enabling them to manage their system in the event of a failure in their primary on-premises SCADA system or a natural disaster where they cannot go to the primary SCADA system’s location. It will also allow them to remotely monitor their gas odorization systems remotely and effectively, which will help deliver enhanced public safety.


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Natural Gas Utility Provider Increases Safety with Redundancy

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