Permian Basin Oil and Gas Magazine features Zedi in article

Posted by Zedi News on Mar 5, 2018 4:16:37 PM

An article in the Permian Basin Oil and Gas Magazine featured Zedi in an article on machine learning and advancements in IT in the oil and gas sector.

The article features Richard Link, Senior Market Manager for Software Solutions, who speaks to Zedi's current capabilities with alarming and how the technology today is much more advanced than a simple alarm saying something is wrong. By comparing historical data against alarms to "teach" the machines. The articles quotes Link by saying "We're setting up scenarios that push the system outside of its normal parameters and we're letting the software learn all of that; learn whats normal so that it can determine what an alarm is."

The article also speaks to the large amount of data available in today's oil and gas climate, and the importance of having that data in formats that are shareable between systems.


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Topics: IIOT, Software