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Optimize to reduce operational cost and minimize safety risks


  Reduced operational cost and safety risk with elimination of windshield time for manual downloads


  More efficient haul ticket processing and corporate visibility of hauling information


  Improved billing accuracy with near real-time density from Coriolis meters


  Efficiencies due to remote access to salt water disposal facilities 



Emerson's Zedi Cloud SCADA Platform

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Zedi Data Exchange 



Company specializes in oilfield logistics for the Bakken Shale Area



Due to a manual haul ticket process, our customers staff was driving to saltwater disposal facilities to download the truck ticket information from an existing ROC800 panel with the Tank Manager Program, and then return to the head office to then upload the data to an internal database to process haul invoices to customers.


The process has created challenges with delayed haul ticket processing due to manual ticket downloads and accuracy based on salt water’s correct composition. Staff driving back and forth to the site for data and information has increased operations cost and safety due to excessive, and unsafe windshield time.


To overcome their challenges, the customer would like to automate and optimize their saltwater disposal haul ticket process. 





Initially, Emerson provided Microhard Modem packages to have the existing ROC800 RTU Panel with Tank Manager Program to create the truck haul tickets commissioned to the Emerson’s Zedi Cloud SCADA Platform over a cellular network.


Zedi Cloud SCADA is a scalable cloud based IIoT platform for remote SCADA monitoring, control, and asset optimization. Our platform gives authorized users access to data through a web interface; Zedi Access, and the Zedi Go mobile app. Software for saltwater disposal is just a small part of the data our SaaS can deliver to your authorized people.


As well, our Emerson Impact Partner replaced Magnetic meters with Coriolis meters at three salt water disposal haul stations. Magnetic meters only captured the flow and not the density of the fluid. Coriolis meters measure the fluid density, helping determine the correct water density to ensure more accurate billing based on water density.


The Zedi Cloud platform will collect the data from the ROC800 Panel every five minutes, enabling our Customer with immediate access to view the last 20 truck haul tickets and near real-time Coriolis meter data through our software for salt water disposal. This will help them reduce windshield time to keep staff safer with fewer site visits.


Utilizing Zedi Data Exchange, the customer is able to create data pushes from Zedi Access to an internal database of the most recent truck tickets facilitating faster haul ticket processing and other data pushed to the Customers enterprise applications.


Overall, this solution ensures a more accurate, and faster ability that enable them to receive the latest haul ticket in 15 minutes (or less) to begin ticket processing for billing. Automating this process has allowed the company to invoice with speed and accuracy while reducing costs and increasing efficiencies, and safety among their staff.



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