Pipeline Leak Detection

Pipeline Leak Detection


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Increase pipeline safety and integrity at your site

Pipeline Leak Detection quickly alarms for potential leaks, while reducing costly false alarms and wasted trips to site. Engineered with machine learning and artificial intelligence to adjust to historical operations through complex machine learning to provide the confidence that you're meeting regulatory compliance, and environmental requirements. Avoid costly delays and operational risks while increasing profits by keeping your budget and team time in check by reducing false alarms.

  • Reduce false alarms
  • Ensure timely and adequate response
  • Reduce cleanup costs
  • Establish regulatory compliance


Proven to detect a 1% leak in 10 minutes or less

Zedi Pipeline leak detection learns the normal operating parameters to diagnose when a potential incident is occurring, including system anomalies and other maintenance issues. Zedi Pipeline Leak Detection uses historical, and live data for intuitive machine learning to ensure faster, more accurate alarming.


Efficient and cost effective

  • Reduce downtime and false alarms
  • Increase safety and compliance
  • Increase response time
  • Lower cleanup costs


Machine learning and AI

  • Fast set up and path to accuracy
  • Custom to your operation
  • Constantly updates and learns
  • Compliments any SCADA system


Operational data

  • Easy to understand dashboards
  • Measures flow rate, pressure and status
  • Regulatory and environmental reporting



  • Pipes at well sites
  • Mains without redundancy
  • Critical feeder mains
  • Mains with a history of rupture or leaks
  • Some industry supply lines


Scalable and expandable solution

From as much, or as little pipe you need to monitor in a location, all serviced by the same communications assembly.  Easily add additional capacity to increase pipe detection all with the data you need to increase production and remove false alarms from your budget.

  • Reduce site visits
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce downtime
  • Any size & material pipe


Read the full Pipeline Leak Detection White Paper here


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