Implementing an Integrity and Risk Management Process

Posted by Dennis Simons, President, Intelligent Data Solutions on Nov 8, 2016 3:12:15 PM

We’re all aware of the regulatory requirements E&P companies face with regards to safely operating and maintaining pressurized equipment.  In western Canada alone we have the alphabet soup of ABSA, TSASK, and BCSA to deal with.  This can lead to significant challenges and costs.

  • What needs to be inspected?
  • When does it need to be inspected?
  • What do we do with data and reports generated from inspection activities? 

These questions are certainly not new and many of the problems lay with the inability of service providers to understand the entire inspection process and activities there within.  This can result in lost, inaccurate or duplicated data, and late inspection reports and a host of other issues that result in corporate management and field integrity managers becoming frustrated and unwilling to support an ineffective and costly inspection process.

By implementing an integrity and risk management process that is clearly thought out and well managed companies can streamline the data management process and recognize significant reductions in reporting costs, errors, and report turn over time.

The process of managing inspection data accurately, the ability to mine that data for key elements of the risk management process and to provide decision makers with current, accurate data is vital to the risk management process.

Linking the activity (inspections) with a data management process with the requirements of operations is a challenge but there is technology to help risk managers, operations managers and integrity groups control the data that is vital to the continued success of managing risks associated with operations in the oil and gas industry.

Trusting your data, and more importantly the safety of your operations team to anyone isn’t something to be taken lightly. We have experts on our team to be fully entrusted with this data, and most importantly your team’s safety.  We move data far beyond mere collection and into the space of recognizing it for leveraging it for greater successes.

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